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My blog started as a therapeutic process for myself and is very honest of my experience. I also offer support to Mum's and write about life in general as I go along :)

Angeline is a winner of Top 25 Postpartum Depression Blogs by Moms - 2012

What advice would you give to moms who are struggling with PPD?

When you're struggling with a physical or mental illness, how do you keep up with all the demands of motherhood?

What's a mood booster that helps you get through a bad day?

How can moms find time to work out?

Angeline Brunel

I would have to say that for me, it is a necessity as it helps with my mind just as much as with my body. For someone who has experienced PND, it helped with my recovery and its time that is just for me or I also have a gym buddy that I go with. I tend to either go in the morning at 06:30am and usually run/walk 5k and i make sure that I do some weights and am probably there for approx 1 hr or even longer depending on what day due to having more time if my daughter is at nursery and I am at work. I find I would rather go to the gym rather than the cinema ect depending on my mood and I have to say that it certainly makes me much brighter and happier after finishing a work out. I feel that at times when I have not wanted to go , especially when tired, I am glad that I did as my energy levels go through the roof.. I think if we can make time for illnesses, we can make time to work out.
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