Diana is a winner of Top 25 Home Design Moms - 2013

Of all the DIY projects you've done, which was your favorite?

My absolute favorite diy would have to be the farmhouse table I built with my husband. We built it from scratch and although it turned out a little longer then we wanted it to be (i have no idea how it happened we measured everything twice) it was perfect. We spend many hours building it and it was a blast.

What's your advice for moms who want to decorate their home on a budget?

Thrift stores are your best friend! Seriously, a lot of my furniture and fixtures are from the thrift store that I restored myself. I got our coffee table from goodwill for $40. I repurposed it and believe it or not I went to a really expensive furniture store and I saw the exact table I have for $460.

Where do you find inspiration for keeping your home stylish?

I love HGTV! Pinterest is another awesome place that I spend way to much time on. Ill find an idea and try to recreate it but I always try to be original and add my own ideas to any project I do.