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Brittany is a winner of Top 25 Tech Moms - 2013

What's your favorite kid-friendly app?

Honestly, I'm not a fan of apps for children. Children shouldn't be playing with your phone or iPad in my opinion. I know it's hard, heck my 8 month old tries to steal my phone so I try to limit my use around her. Internet access and children just don't mix well.

I know when the Vine app came out people were upset because their children were using it and some of them briefly saw pornography. What do you expect with an app that mixes social media and videos? Your child shouldn't be exposed to that in general, keep your phone or tablet for your own use.

I guess if I had to choose, they let my daughter play with the bubble popping app at her latest Children's Hospital appointment, and it kept her mind off of some of the testing so I guess that's ok.

What tips would you give a mom who wants to become more tech savvy?

My biggest tip, especially as a gamer is that you absolutely need to check the ratings of video games (and yes 17+ means, they really should be only played by teens age 17 or older, it does not matter if their class mates are playing it). You need to be educated about the games your kid is playing. Do some research, watch some videos. You would be surprised from some of the content in video games.
I feel like when you're in a video game, playing as a character, you get more involved in the story. You feel the raw emotion of it and it can stick with you. Some video games do have censored settings, but that doesn't mean your child won't turn the swearing or gore back on when you leave the room.

What's the most innovative gadget for children you've seen?

I am in love with video baby monitors. My daughter was on oxygen for the first 5 months of her life, and with a video monitor I could be reassured that she still had the oxygen on and wasn't tangled without going in her room and waking her up.

Medical technology has become so great too. We were able to conduct a night study in our own home using a recordable pulse oximeter reader. It saved us a long trip and we didn't have to stay in a hospital for a few nights.