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Where do you discover new kid-friendly crafts?

Many of the ideas I have some from activities and questions my kids have initiated. I also love to read other blogs for inspiration and find that new ideas can arise during everyday discussions and experiences.

What's one creative product you would recommend to all moms?

Crayons & a sheet of blank paper! Really any type of drawing tool (pencils, markers, paints) and a wide open surface (paper, cardboard box, your driveway) -- the bigger, the better for creativity!

How do you encourage your child to explore their creativity?

I strongly believe in the process of an activity - it should be open-ended and have a variety of outcomes so that kids can be creative along the way. For example, when crafting with kids, I would begin by displaying the materials you could use for the craft. Let the kids choose how they will display and use those materials. I also encourage families to read with their children - it builds curiosity, imagination and creativity. And last, let kids experiment with items. They may take them apart, ask questions, use them in unconventional ways - that's all part of the creativity process.

What's your kids' favorite homemade popsicle or frozen treat?

Jacquie Fisher

Frozen Banana Pops! The kids can pick their own add-ons and I love them because they're healthy too (and so retro, I remember making them as a kid!).
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