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Sara is a winner of Top 25 Homeschooling Moms - 2013

Do you have any tips for helping kids concentrate on their studies?

I think the best way to help kids concentrate is to know their learning style. If they are kinesthetic learners or visual learners or auditory -- discover their best learning style and work with that. Homeschooling allows the freedom and flexibility to teach to each students' individual abilities, which automatically increases concentration and retention of information. Adding interest to lessons with hands-on learning and real life application whenever possible also increases attention and eagerness to learn more.

What's an educational game or activity you and your kids love?

We enjoy games like Math Bingo, as well as computer-based educational games. Anything can be an educational activity if you look for the lessons. Going to the beach and collecting seashells, bird watching, nature walks, and all kinds of field trips are all great educational activities.

How do you encourage a love of reading in your kids?

I have always read aloud to my daughters and surrounded them with books from the time they were infants. They have learned firsthand that books are fun that way. They have also seen me reading a lot for my own enjoyment so they follow my example. Taking them to the library from the time they were very young has also made an impression on them. I think that reading aloud and discussing what you read, as well as providing lots of quality (and enjoyable) reading material are key ingredients to a love of reading. It's a good idea to follow a child's interests, as well. If they love horses, let them read fiction and nonfiction books about horses. Find a subject that they like and allow them to explore it through reading great books.