Enchanted Chameleon


Hi I'm Suzanne and I'm the Enchanted Chameleon. This is my place to write about what enchants me. I am a mama, knitter, sewer, crafter, lover, baker, blender, writer, thrifter, photographer, and Owner of The Juice Caboose a mobile juice and...

Suzanne is a winner of Top 25 Mompreneurs - 2012

What advice would you give a mom who wants to be a mompreneur?

My best advice is to take your time and do it right. Explore options, do research and learn from others already in your field.

What tips do you have for connecting with other mom bloggers?

I haven't gone really out of my way to connect with other mom bloggers. I find that I just like the blogs that I like and somehow through commenting on their blogs, Twitter or some random 6 degrees from another mom blogger, I connected with some fabulous women. I've also found that when I have provided a lot of information on my knowledge of raw foods, smoothies, juices and cleansing I attract other moms that are new to it. I've made a lot of awesome connections that way too.

How do you balance being a mom and and an entrepreneur?

Mostly I don't think that I do! But, somehow I manage. The best thing that I did when I started working the Juice Caboose full time was to keep my days off, days off. Those days are for me and my son and we have regular things we do on those days to keep it predictable and fun for him.