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Enza's Bargains

A wife. A mother. A bargain shopper!

This blog is brand new! It just started on January 20th! I started with sharing money saving tips and have recently started with company reviews! My goal is to help mothers and create a very...

What advice would you give to a mom who wants to start couponing?

How much do you save yearly using coupons?

What is the best resource you've found for finding coupons?

How do you make shopping for your family's clothes affordable?

Enza Ketcham

When it comes to shopping for clothes for my family I always start with Daily Deal sites!!! I have found 50% off gift cards and certificates to my FAVORITE stores!!! For my husband and I...we need to try on our clothes so we usually buy to stores that we can go to and I always start on the sale racks!!! When it comes to shopping for my little girl, I do a lot of shopping online!!! I can sometimes score deals to daily deals sites! For example, I have purchased 50% off Totsy Certificates! Then when I shop on Totsy their stuff is already 50-70% off!!! PLUS I always shop through a cash back site!! If there is any shipping costs it justifies the shipping!! If they allow me to combine coupon codes, I always try that too!!! 1. Shop Daily Deal Sites 2. Search for Coupon Codes and Promo Codes 3. Shop THROUGH Cash Back Sites If you plan on making a retail shopping trip on the weekend. Keep all your retail coupons in one spot! Plan out the stores you are shopping and search for printable coupons prior to going out the door!!!
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What are the best products to buy in January and February?

Enza Ketcham

The BEST products to buy in January and February would be FLOWERS and Gym Deals and Winter Stuff!!! Tons of daily deal sites will start having 50% off flower delivery vouchers! These vouchers are usually good through out the year! So don't ONLY think that you need to buy one voucher! You should be purchasing them when they go on sale for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, Birthday's, and for other moments! I think you will start seeing these deals in about a week if you are not already!!! The other things that you will see go on sale...especially in february, will be good deals on workout gear, gym memberships, and gyms. The honeymoon sales of these places will start to decline and they will do another sale and promotion push in february! WINTER CLOTHES! Yep! Purchase all those warm coats and sweaters and boots one or two sizes up for the kiddos!!! You will find them at 70 to 80% off in the clearance racks and won't want to miss out!!!
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What's your advice on setting a food budget?

Enza Ketcham

I would suggest before planning your meals grab the Sunday Paper! Check the Sunday sale ads. When you find food that is on sale plan your meals for the week around the sales! Check out which coupons are available online and in the previous weeks paper for the SAME items that are on sale! Stick to your meal plan!
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