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What's the best part about living in Southern California?

The weather! Here in Los Angeles we have year round bright blue skies with almost no rain. We feel privileged to live in a geographical location with one of the best weather conditions in the world. Temperatures are comfortable all year long (not too warm and not too cold) giving us the opportunity to enjoy a great number of outdoor activities.

What is your favorite activity to do with kids in your area?

We like to take advantage of the weather doing outdoor activities. We love to go to local parks, to ride a bike, to go to the pool and beach, but without a doubt, our favorite is to go to amusement parks. Disneyland is on the top of our list but we also like to go to California Adventure and Knott's Berry Farm.

What's the biggest challenge of raising a child in your area?

The fast-paced life and the multicultural melting pot called Los Angeles. It seems to be a city that has in great part forgotten how to be kind to children. The image most of us have in our minds of a typical American neighborhood often depicted in movies seems to be disappearing, at least in our geographical area. The streets filled with trees and homes with white picket fences is giving in to multi-family condominiums, noisy streets where cars move too fast to be safe and neighbors that no long care to get to know one another are among the biggest challenges we face. Cities are becoming “cold” and in great part indifferent to children. We wish we could go back to the neighborhoods of our childhood where neighbors knew each other, children were allowed to play outside and they played with each other in an environment that was safe.