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Estelle is a winner of Top 25 Canadian Moms - 2012

What's a great destination for a family vacation in Canada?

Montreal! Montreal is a very well-rounded, yet unique city within Canada. You've got lots of family entertainment along with a european vibe. It is definitely one of my favorite cities.

In what ways is your home town unique from other places you've lived or traveled?

I'm not even sure what I would call my "home town" since I've lived in many different towns spread across 4 provinces. The province I was born in though (New Brunswick), is unique in it's relaxed way of life. It is beautiful, no, breathtaking, along the coast, which is where I spent most of my childhood. The people are so down-to-earth and loving and will go out of their way to make you feel at home.

What outdoor activity do you enjoy doing most with your kids?

The outdoor activity I enjoy doing most with my children is exploring, for sure! During the summer, it is my goal to get out to as many different parks, trails, beaches and adventure places as we can. We love to actively search out new places that we might otherwise overlook by going to the same place over and over. Variety keeps things interesting!

What's one of the worst messes your child has made? Please share a link to a photo if you have one.

Estelle Vanderheide

When my second child was 2 years old, he decided to turn our playroom into a winter wonderland while I was upstairs doing dishes. He took my $4 squishy pillow and a pair of scissors, cut a few holes in it and shook the contents over the floor. I sensed something was happening because there was an unidentifiable swishing sound coming from the playroom. I came to find out that the strange sound was my son "skiing" his little feet through the foam-fill-turned-snow.
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What are your best tips for birthday party invitations? (What to include, where to make them online, etc?)

Estelle Vanderheide

I am a photographer, so I almost always make my children's birthday invites with a recent photo of them. An extremely beautiful and cost-effective way to do this is by opening a photo in your editing software, typing the information directly onto the photo, getting prints and mounting them on some coordinating cardstock.
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