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Swedish writer and founder of The eureka life where i write about the joys(and booby traps) of parenting, life with a toddler, the Swedish life, self motivation ,achieving goals and increasing the Happiness quotient of your life.

Swati is a winner of Top 25 European Moms - 2013

In what ways is your home town unique from other places you've lived or traveled?

My home town is a quaint little place and special mostly because of its scenic surroundings, warm people, small distances and strong networks. I am obviously very biased towards it and like it better than the rest of places i have been to but i am sure it will not disappoint a first time visitor to my town. It has some amazing historical castles, lovely parks, amazing modern structures and busy market places having loads to explore.

What do your kids love most about living in the European Union?

I feel the European union is the best place to raise kids and in that sense i feel lucky to be living in Sweden. All the places are kids friendly, especially the parks, amusement areas, gallerias and markets but my daughter loves playing at the small beach near to our place. We usually take a walk to the beach and like to enjoy a sandwich with a coffee while she enjoys the various rides and swings built for kids of all age groups.

What outdoor activity do you enjoy doing most with your kids?

We love to go out and have a good family time together. We try to keep the adventurous spirit up even in the harsh Swedish winter because we are all the outdoor types. My daughter loves to spend time at the kids water park where we spend a lot of our week ends.