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Blogging about randomness until life flipped upside down on Nov. 9, 2010 when my husband died suddenly of a heart attack, leaving behind our two small children and me 6 months pregnant. Now, my blog has turned my outlet of outpour as we pick up...

Veronica is a winner of Top 25 Moms with Inspiring Families - 2012

How does blogging help you deal with challenges?

Blogging has always been a way for me to keep track of life and to remember details I so easily forget. It's also a way for me to process my emotions in a way I'm unable to do verbally. When my husband died, writing became a way for me to organize my thoughts when nothing else made sense - a way to articulate what I couldn't outwardly express. And in some ways, releasing it - especially in a public way - allowed me to acknowledge those challenges, face them, be accountable for them, and heal from them. It helps, even in the smallest way, to know someone is reading and maybe you're not alone.

What's a book or song that has inspired you?

There have been a lot of resources that have helped me. "I'm Grieving as Fast as I Can" by Linda Sones-Feinberg was the very first book I read and just remember feeling better knowing I wasn't the only pregnant widow who was really young out there. "Signs of Life" by Natalie Taylor was a wonderfully inspiring book by another pregnant widow about triumph that was very real and captivating, and even funny. A few songs that tugged at my heart were "Safe" by Phil Wickham, "A Broken Hallelujah" by Mandisa, "It Wasn't Long Enough" by Rascal Flatts, and "Blessings" by Laura Story

After a particularly rough day, how do you raise your spirits?

Sometimes, on really bad days, the best thing for me to do is just surrender and allow myself time to sit in my grief. Tears can be so healing when you let them out, and since I have to put on such a brave face most of the time, I try to allow myself time to just face the bad stuff. I always feel drained and somehow refreshed afterward. In addition, taking a break from everyday life to spend time with my children always raises my spirits. Appreciating the beautiful lives that my husband helped me bring into the world, knowing that they are wonderful gifts from him keeps him close to me and allows his legacy to live on. They are so intuitive to my emotions and usually extra sweet to me on the bad days. Being able to talk about their daddy is very healing for me as well. Children have a way of simplifying life and helping you realize what really matters.