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What tips would you give a mom who wants to write a book?

How do you balance writing and motherhood?

Where do you find writing inspiration?

What is your best tip for not losing your temper with children?

Toni Summer Hargis

I usually want to explode when one of them is taking too long to do something, eg. getting out the door in the morning. We usually have bags of time anyway, so I just decide to sit down and chill. After all I'm not going anywhere else at that particular moment. Sometimes though, especially with teens, it's OK to lose your temper. There is usually a lot more at stake with teens and sometimes when you play nice, they think they've gotten away with something, or that you're a pushover. Every once in a while a raised voice stops them in their tracks. As long as you don't rant for too long; then you just look like the lunatic parent that they already think you are!!
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What are the best ways to keep kids entertained & well-behaved at a formal event or luncheon such as wedding?

Toni Summer Hargis

Try to make sure the child (children) has not skipped a nap and won't get hungry before the food is served. Many years ago my two year old had a complete melt down at my brother's wedding. Why - it was right in the middle of her afternoon nap, which she usually never missed. There wasn't really much I could do about it, and the option of not taking her wasn't there either. What a nightmare. My second child's behavior used to go completely down the toilet when he was hungry so I learned always to have a filling snack with us.
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