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Family on a Bike

Inspiring stories of family biking adventures around the world, from once in a lifetime journeys to everyday trips to swimming pools & supermarkets. The adventures of one family on a bike + links to other biking and adventurous families around the...

Stuart is a winner of Top 25 Biking Families

What do you like about the biking lifestyle?

Biking means freedom, independence, adventure whether going to the shops, swimming, to school or biking around Europe or the World. Biking is clean, green and healthy. What's not to like? When you're on your bike you see more, hear more, smell more, feel more, experience more, learn more. And all you have to do to get some place is turn the pedals, and every turn is a revolution.

How often does your family bike versus drive?

At home we bike whenever we can, preferring the bike to the car. When we're away on our biking adventures, it's usually biking all the way. Over the years we've clocked up tens of thousands of kilometers biking together as a family.

What’s a good safety tip for biking with children?

For me safety is about skills, equipment and route choice. Cycling is a skill and cycling safely in traffic is another one. Most people can learn to ride a bike on their own but you probabaly will benefit from some training for you and your kids on safe biking in traffic. Make sure your bikes in good working order and think about appropriate protection for you and kids for the conditions you are riding in. Lastly choose cycle friendly routes. Experienced cyclists do not go the same way cars do; they know the back routes, quiet roads and traffic free cycle trails and use them.

What's a great theme you've done for your child's birthday? Please share a link with a photo.

Stuart Wickes

Boys (and girls) love an adventure so why not make the party an adventure itself? The mission for us parents? A sleepover for 8. The mission for the kids? To navigate to a camp site, travelling without use of a car, to forage for their dinner food (hiddent in the woods), watch a top secret movie and discover before bed time what the code P.O.D means. Before things self destruct. In reality for us it was a night in a nearby camping pod. For them it was mission almost impossible. And a very memorable birthday, complete with souvenir blog and video to take home and show the folks >
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