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As a parent trying to raise healthy kids, I realized I needed to be healthy myself so I made a lifestyle change to be active and fit. Now I share the ups and downs of the journey and hope to inspire others. Fitfluential Ambassador.

Carrie is a winner of Top 25 Health & Wellness Moms - 2012

What's one tip you'd give to moms struggling to make time for physical activity?

Don't worry if you don't have time for a 1 hour workout. Try to get in small bits of exercise during your day. 10 minutes, 3 times a day is all you need. Try alternating jumping jacks with high knees or go outside and jump rope with your kids. Start small.

What's your best advice for moms trying to get healthy?

Start small and make yourself accountable. If you're reading this, you probably use social media, so make use of it for your health goals. Join an online challenge that allows you to pick a goal - like getting in 30 minutes of exercise each day or eating a healthy breakfast. Accountability is key.

What motivates you to stay active while raising a family?

Being a mom takes a lot of energy. I find myself with more energy for my family if I'm also taking care of myself. Not only is my body healthier, but my mind is more relaxed when I've been able to workout. I no longer put pressure on myself to workout for an hour every time and I focus on doing something different, I really look forward to my workouts. Things never get boring and I find that I can focus my energy better on my family.

My kids see that exercise is an important part of my life. I never complain to them about working out. It's just a part of life and another piece of the puzzle to being healthy.

I encourage my kids to be active in ways that they enjoy and I try to live that message myself.