Forever 51

Enjoy my irreverent blog. It's midlife on steroids. I have just found that raising a teenager, being 50, and having hormonal changes in the entire household is pretty damn funny. And, besides, it’s cheaper than therapy.

Mary Anne is a winner of Top 25 Southern Moms - 2013

What's the best part of raising a family in the South?

The lifestyle and the weather! Even in January, you can count on a few warm days that you know you can get out and do something!
We live in the Atlanta Metro area and while it can be big and impersonal, there is still a gentler attitude for the most part, and more smiles. We get a lot of sunshine which keeps the crankies away.

What's the biggest misconception about living in the South?

That we are not as bright-Honey Boo Boo-that we eat fried everything (only sometimes...)that we are not sophisticated.
Excuse me, we do have high end malls here, great universities, great art and culture and the annual Redneck Olympics. Who could ask for more?????

What do your kids love most about living in the South?

My daughter rides horses and likes to hike. I love tennis. My husband loves golf. So we all get to participate in our fun stuff year round.