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just a new mom that is obsessed with all things baby, home decor & design, throwing fabulous parties, photography & most importantly her FAMILY!

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My Favorite Family Activity

As a family we love to go boating, golfing and going on walks around the lake in front of our house! Honestly, anytime we are together is great! We love spending time together!

How Blogging Changed My Family Life

Blogging has changed our life in such a wonderful way. We are constantly reflecting back on things that we have documented that we would have forgot about! If we are ever out of town Nick will go on our blog when he is missing us and look at pictures and videos of our family, and vise versa!

A Unique Feature of My Blog

For my career I work in the hair and makeup industry so I am constantly posting "my favorites" products that I come across! I like to do them every few months to make sure I am only posting the best of the best!

What are your top 3 flicks for a family night (please indicate the minimum age for each movie)?

kaysi raquel fox

our top 3 movies that our family loves to watch are tangled {for all ages}. even my husband is obsessed with this movie, it has a little something for everyone in our family. #2 old yeller {i would say the minimum age would be 5 so they understand what is going on. this movie is just such a classic, i grew up watching it as a kid & now it's one of my favorites now that i'm older!! its a movie my family will probably pass on from generation to generation! & our #3 movie we love is the adjustment bureau {minimum age is 15} it's a really interesting movie & will make you think!! we bought that the day after we watched it, its one of those!! :)
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