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Stephanie is a winner of Top 25 NorCal Moms - 2013

What's the best part of raising a family in NorCal?

I always say that I'm solar-powered. My mood actually improves when the sun is around. Northern California offers gorgeous landscapes, the freshest food, a healthy lifestyle, and family-friendly communities.

I love how there are innumerable opportunities to spend quality family time together, exploring, or revisiting favorite places in Northern California.

What's the biggest misconception about living in NorCal?

I imagine a misconception is that we're so dialed in with the tech world that we don't know how to interact with people outside of it. While many of us, if not all are tech savvy, and socially connected via the Internet, I've found that creating real life relationships with our communities, and our families is paramount in our lives.

What do your kids love most about living in NorCal?

We live in the Sacramento region, and it's perfectly situated to enjoy a day in The City (San Francisco) enjoying Dim Sum and brilliant museums, or a day in the mountains in Lake Tahoe, traipsing around farms at Apple Hill, or strolling around in wine country in Napa. Thankfully, my daughters love to explore, try new foods, and be out and about.

In fact, my daughters look forward to heading up to the snow in Tahoe, and returning home where the snow doesn't stick around. We adore living in Northern California.

What are the best art museums in the country to take kids to and why? If you've visited one with your kids that they loved and you have a picture we can use, please also share a link to the photo.

Stephanie Porter (Queen Scarlett)

In Sacramento we like the Sacramento's Children's Museum for ages 8 and under. In San Francisco we love the Exploratorium, California Academy of Sciences, Children's Creativity Museum, and Legion of Honor Museum. In San Diego we love The New Children's Museum.
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