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What's your favorite part about having a big family?

Finish the following sentence: You know you're a big family when...

Have you learned any great money-saving tips from having a big family?

What question you should never ask a mom of big family?

Do you have suggestions to help dads more comfortably participate in "mommy and me" events?

Chicka Elloy

I believe that daddy blogging is well on its way to tipping a critical mass (at least in my blogging world). I am approached by many fathers asking for help and techniques to pull their blog "on track" to gain more exposure and networking. While "mommy and me" events exist - A couple of questions around participation that arise are: 1. Are men even really wanted/invited to such events (title brings automatic assumptions) 2. Would they be included into conversations? Really? 3. What value and perspective are you wishing to gain from involving dads? 4. What is in it for them? With love of course. Before we ask for higher participation, I believe we need to be clear on what we can give and get for all parties. When a Dad is in, Everyone Wins :)
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