Fried Dandelions

I am a vegan mom raising a vegan 2 year old. My blog is full of kid tested recipes that will satisfy everyone in your family, from the pickiest toddler to your meat eating husband! Check it out—you're sure to find a recipe you'll love!

Sarah is a winner of Top 25 Vegan & Vegetarian Moms - 2013

What's your favorite vegan or vegetarian friendly product?

Wow, there are so many I'm not sure if I really have just one! I do love Earth Balance Coconut Butter—it is delicious! And Purely Decadent non-dairy ice creams are pretty wonderful too!

What's the biggest misconception people have about being a vegan or vegetarian?

I think the biggest misconception is that vegans eat "weird food." We eat the same kinds of food as everyone else, just a vegan version of it. In fact, so many classics are already vegan—pb&j, hummus, even oreos! Following a vegan diet is not restrictive, and there are so many options to choose from!

What's your best tip for families who want to start living a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle?

Choose a few meals that don't need to be veganized and try them—vegetable curry, rice and beans, pasta with marinara sauce, etc. Also try to veganize some of your family's favorite pre-vegan meals. Find a few dishes that work for you and slowly add new ones to your repertoire. Check out a few good vegan cookbooks from your library and follow some blogs on line. You'll be amazed at how many people will help you make this change!