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What is the biggest waste of money every family could avoid?


The food that gets wasted in our homes is the biggest waste of money. Food costs are going up all the time but so is the waste that we have going in our garbage cans as well. There is literally 100's of dollars going into the trash that could be staying in your budget. There are so many ways that you can save by just using things before they are going to expire. There are so many ways that you can avoid waste when in your food budget. Making freezer meals even in the summer can be a wonderful thing. Just heating them on the grill can be so easy and yet taste so good and not heat up the house. I can make 30 freezer meals in 2 days, and there is no waste of any foods. I cook all of my breakfasts, lunches and dinners all at one time and freeze them all at one time as well. This not only saves me time in the kitchen but it also saves me from wasting foods as well. If you want to do it on a smaller scale you can double a meal that your making and freeze half of the meal and serve the other half. It also helps out when Mom or Dad are sick and are not in the mood to cook but want to know what their family is healthy. You can pull it out heat it and then everyone is eating in a short amount of time with very little fuss and germ spreading as well. If there are left overs instead of going out for lunch use them for your lunch for work or at home so that your sure they are being used. You can also freeze them in a cleaned out butter container and when it is full make a casserole, goulash or soup with them. This will save on any waste and I have to tell you can make one of the best dishes you have ever tasted! Put all the first to expire items in the front of the fridge so that your family will see them first and use them before they can expire. If it's getting to close to the date use them to make a dinner and if you need a recipe you can find millions of them and use all the ingredients that you have on hand. This will stop from wasting foods. Cutting your food budget down in the process as well. Even if you use coupons and get it for free, why waste a free product that your family can use. Always keep the products going by expiration date so that you never have to worry about waste. You can also make Pantry meals with the items that are going to expire as well instead of making a trip to the store. Just use what items you have on hand. At times we will have a week of Panty meals and not do any grocery shopping but for Milk and those types of items that we run out of quickly. Start out transforming your wasted items slowly so that your able to stay on top of it. Put a container on the freezer for the little bit of left overs to start in. Then add in the doubling of the meal and taking the lunch to work if you don't already. You will find other ways to keep waste down as you go along and ideas will just pop out at you of other things that are going to waste and you will get into a routine.
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