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What's one of your favorite new books for children?

What advice would you give to a mom who thinks her child has too much homework?

What's one of your favorite educational activities that can be done outside the classroom?

How can parents get the most out of parent-teacher conferences?


Parents can maximize their parent-teacher conferences by becoming familiar with the curriculum before the conference. That makes understanding the assessment data and progress much easier. While most schools suggest that parents bring a list of questions, I recommend choosing one or two topics/questions you want to discuss. Long lists of questions can consume the entire conference time and are often answered by the teacher as he/she shares your child's progress. I also recommend bringing your patience. Teachers often have multiple conferences back-to-back and it is not easy to stay on schedule when you are eager to share so many important things about each child. Leaving young children at home is also helpful to prevent them from waiting and to help you stay focused on the discussion with the teacher. Ask the teacher for specific suggestions about how you can help your child at home. Whether your child is struggling or needs to be challenged, your teacher should be able to provide specific instructions to help you focus on the most important academic skills to reinforce. Celebrate your child's accomplishments after conferences! Recognizing your child's hard work will show them how important school is to you.
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