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The simple life of mothering 4 boys and 2 girls Gods way.
Suffering a miscarriage with my 7th child that we named Christian Alexander.
My blog is a journal of our very blest and fruitful life.

Did you always want a big family? If not, when did you change your mind?

What's a common misconception about big families?

How many children do you have? What's the age difference between the oldest and youngest?

What's a great present for a tween?

Fruitful Harvest

Humm a great present for a tween? I have boys in that age group and they like to get hand held games like Nintendo DS or games for it and books from their favorite series! My boys also like to get tennis shoes from the trendy teen stores in the mall. Having a large family those types of things are a treat or for gifts.....not an every day occurance like most other families. Peace+ Fruitful Harvest
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