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What is your best tip for not losing your temper with children?

Jill Farris

What are your thoughts? Sometimes when I find myself getting frustrated and angry with my children it is because they are exhibiting irritating behavior that I have not acknowledged to myself it bothering me. For example, my six year old has gotten "huggy". What's wrong with hugging? Well, if a hug turns into hanging onto someone's neck and not letting go, it is no longer a loving thing to do. Yet, I let this behavior continue because I felt like a bad mom for correcting my child about a hug! When I finally dealt with my own feelings about it, I realized that I needed to teach my child that he was irritating everyone (not just me). I also made sure that he wasn't doing it because he felt neglected. Most of my anger and frustration went away when I finally admitted that the behavior was frustrating me and frustrating others. Jill Farris
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