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Get Pretty with Laura

Get Pretty with Laura is a beauty blog designed for the "everyday women" but run by a licensed skin care professional and makeup artist. I do my best to promote healthy self-esteem along with tips on makeup how-to's, skin care advice, health and...

Laura is a winner of Top 25 Fashion & Beauty Moms - 2013

What is your favorite place to find clothes for children?

Hmmmm. I'll be honest, I'm cheap. I love finding a good deal so I do a lot thrift shopping for my kids. You'd be so surprised with what you can find! Great brands at a killer price! Especially with how fast they grow, its worth it to me. But if I'm not at the thrift store, I usually head to Old Navy.

What tips would you give to a mom who is trying to remain stylish while raising a family?

Keep it simple. Don't get overwhelmed, less is more. Just a plain t-shirt with a scarf can make a statement. You don't have to look runway ready everyday. I'm usually sporting skinnies, Toms and t-shirt most days. :)

What's one beauty product you would recommend to all moms?

Coconut oil. I'm obsessed right now. After running out of moisturizer I decided to try it out and I can go back. My skin looks baby soft, clear and I hardly wear makeup anymore. Plus, it doubles as an eye makeup remover and body moisturizer.

What are you most looking forward to as a mom in 2013? Please include a link to a picture if it's relevant.


I'm looking forward to getting my life back. Huh? What? Yes, I'm serious. I had my second baby in April of 2012 and it has SERIOUSLY taken me all 9 months of the rest of the year to get it together. My kids are good kids but I struggled getting back on schedule, slumped deep into the baby blues, fought off a wicked, hot summer, dealt with the INSANE terrible 3's of the my oldest and basically served as a single mom due to my husband's OB/GYN residency schedule. For me...getting my life back is being able to read a book (in peace), train for a 1/2 marathon and get to bed by 9pm. Oh, I can't wait. :)
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