A Gift of Miles - Food Allergies


Kristin is a Mom to a multiple food allergic child. This food allergy blog blends personal life experience with a positive life philosophy on parenting, creating community and self-awareness. All this, sprinkled with a loving nudge and humor.

Kristin is a winner of Top 25 Food Allergy Moms - 2012

What's your best advice for a mom struggling with cooking for children with food allergies?

The first step is to really get to know some of the great food alternatives out there. Second, look for ways to augment your favorites meals to keep them in your diet. Third, check out some cookbooks at the library or order them into the store at Barnes & Noble. Scour over them before investing. Lastly, while food allergies can be expensive, you don't HAVE to buy cookbooks. You can easily find plenty of free recipe sites and blogs for food allergies. Check out the blog list to see the latest in favorites and there are always so many more up and coming.

What's your favorite allergy friendly product?

I L-O-V-E SunButter. I love the fact that I can do so many different things with it, bake, use it in dinner dishes, i.e. Asian dishes and have it as a staple for lunch. My son just loves it! We could not do without it!

What's the biggest challenge raising a child with food allergies?

The biggest challenge raising a child with food allergies is dealing with a variety of people with varying degrees of education about food allergies. Some truly understand it, some are clueless, some don't believe food allergies exist, some feel they shouldn't "suffer" because of other's allergies. I think maneuvering through that vast array of people can be good because we're educating others about food allergies, but it can also be extremely exhausting.

While these situations are exhausting, they teach us about our resilience and our ability to best work with others.