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What advice would you give to a mom who wants to start couponing?

How much do you save yearly using coupons?

What is the best resource you've found for finding coupons?

What is the biggest waste of money every family could avoid?

Wendy S.

I believe the biggest money waster a family can avoid resides right inside each of our heads. Changing your habits, planning ahead and vowing to work together as a family will make all the difference. Everyone is different and must find their shortcomings and resolutions. Strive every day to keep finding new ways to save, such as using coupons to save on groceries, household and personal items. Use free sampling opportunities to try things before you buy and avoid wasting money on products you don’t like. Reuse items such as clothes, furniture and household goods by sharing them with neighbors thru a local reuse group. Take on “Do It Yourself” projects rather than pay a repairman. Be careful not to be “penny wise and dollar foolish.” When saving cents on coupons, don’t throw away dollars on big items such as procrastinating auto repairs that leads to more costly problems. Research your purchases – big and small – to get the best deal. And then, reconsider whether you really need it, can afford it and it’s right for your family. Then reconsider it again. Pay off your credit card debt or high interest loans before you buy one more luxury item. There is no one thing that everyone can say is their weakness. You have to find out what’s costing you, and take steps to change your habits.
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