All Those Things I Do

We, as moms, have a lot of responsibilities. We wear a lot of "hats" in our everyday life. Join me as I share "all those things I do" in home and business.

On average, how much do you save each month by using coupons?

What type of products can you almost always find coupons for?

Which chain store have you found offers the best coupon deals?

What's the most you've ever saved on a shopping trip by using coupons?

What are the best products to buy in January and February?


As far a grocery shopping is concerned, January is when you should be able to find the lowest price on hot cereals. You'll also want to stock up on healthy food items such as, SlimFast, yogurt, Special K Cereals and bars, and healthy frozen dinners. If you're looking for clearance items, check out the Christmas section in your store. If there's anything that needs replacing from last year, this is the time to do it. In February, be on the look out for party-type foods, such as chips, soda, frozen appetizers and more for the SuperBowl. The beginning of the month should offer sales on candy and chocolates for Valentine's day as well. February is also National Canned Foods Month. Take advantage of sales and coupons and stock up on canned soups and veggies.
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