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Heather is a winner of Top 25 Eco-Friendly Moms - 2013

What's a fun way to repurpose household items into toys or crafts?

Do you know any great children's books that teach kids about being eco-friendly?

What organic or healthy snacks do your kids love? Please share a link to a recipe if you have one.

What's a creative gift wrap idea? Please share a link to a blog post if you have one!

Heather Tenney

I love to wrap paper in plain brown parcel paper, and then decorate the paper myself. Sometimes I leave the paper blank, with a really nice bow and tag, for a simple elegance and crispness that can't be beat. Or I might get out my stamps and decorate it that way. Or, for a kid-favorite, I let my kids loose on the parcel paper with their crayons, markers and stickers. No two presents are ever alike. Grandparents especially love these gifts, and seem to treasure their custom-wrappings as much as the gift itself.
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