Graceful Homesteading

Seeking God's grace in the everyday. One Mom of eleven shares day to day joys and trials of a large family. Baby number 11 was born on 11/11/11!

Did you always want a big family? If not, when did you change your mind?

I had our first child right out of high school and when the nurse asked us if we were planning on having anymore, I said, "no, she will be the only child!" Of course, I had a terrible birth experience with her so that was me talking through the pain and grumpiness of that first birth. After about the third child, I knew then, that I wanted a lot more children. After the sixth, we were both sure we wanted more!

What's a common misconception about big families?

That we mothers have a lot of patience! I do not have lots of patience. As a matter of fact, when someone tells me that, I always say, "If the Lord wanted me to have a lot of patience, he would have made me a doctor!"

I do however, strive daily to increase my patience and it is, after all, a virtue.

How many children do you have? What's the age difference between the oldest and youngest?

I have eleven children so far. The oldest is 25 and married with a one and a half year old and one on the way. My youngest was born on 11/11/11 and is just a little over one year old!

If you were giving a commencement speech, what's one piece of advice you'd give to young women who want to include motherhood in their futures?


Don't wait. Life passes by so quickly. When you reach for those corporate rungs to climb the heights of your career, don't leave behind the moments of time. Take in every season of your time with your child when you begin your mothering career. You will enjoy it to the fullest. You will have time to do it all! Don't worry about what will be, look at the now and savor it. Time does not stand still for anyone, although we do want it to, so go ahead and take the plunge.
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