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On average, how much do you save each month by using coupons?

What type of products can you almost always find coupons for?

Which chain store have you found offers the best coupon deals?

What's the most you've ever saved on a shopping trip by using coupons?

What is the biggest waste of money every family could avoid?

Dian Farmer

Spending more at the grocery store or drug stores than need be! Throwing away coupons is like throwing money in the trash!
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What's a great budgeting tip for the new year?

Dian Farmer

Challenge yourself and set goals for grocery spending - then try to exceed the goal! Make it fun, and you'll be surprised how much you can cut down your grocery bill! Keep a spreadsheet and at the end of each month check out how much you saved - at the end of the year you'll see what a great job you did and how easy it really was when you are watching it that way!
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