A blog about my journey as a wife, mum & whatever else I am... whilst trying to achieve 40 goals in 40 weeks (by May 2012)!

What topics do you cover on your blog?

What are three unqiue features of your blog?

What do you like most about raising a child in Australia?

What trend (toy, game, clothing style, etc.) are kids your child's age hooked on right now? (Please include your child's age and a link if you can.)


My son is 3, and he's hooked on Fireman and Pirates. He spends so much time "in role" as a fireman or pirate, I get called "fire mum" and i make "fire lunch" etc. We recently did a whole day themed pirates, and he LOVED it and it continued for days. I'm trying to mix it up for him a bit though now. http://happyhousewifey.com/2012/05/30/pirate-play-day/
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