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A site primarily for moms to learn about product reviews and giveaways with other topics such as party ideas, chronic healthy conditions, life in the Army and more.

Judy is a winner of Product Review Parents

What inspired you to start blogging?

I started out looking for deals and savings from some of the top mommy savings blogs and became interested in the concept of blogging. After researching, reaching out to other bloggers and sites such as SocialMoms and Mom Bloggers Club, I decided that it was time I try my hand at blogging. It was very educational yet fun to be able to offer product reviews and giveaways and to see the responses when I am able to inform one of my readers that they won. I also like that I can add personal touches to my blog by means of my family, life in the Army, our events or topics that I learn more about such as healthy eating.

What are three distinctive features of your blog?

1. I support mom based businesses and try to help with links to my blog such as Etsy shops and Womentorz. I also reach out to momprenuers to spread the word about their products and/or promotions they are having.
2. I have a variety of products reviews and giveaways that I host to try to appeal to all reader types.
3. I also promote my eight year old's non-profit, Angels4Epilepsy, which helps children who have epilepsy such as her. I reach out to other social issues to help non-profits where possible such as Operation Sweet Dreams.

What are three adjectives that describe your blog?

What is the best product you've reviewed that you think every mom should own? (please include a link to the review)

Judy Joyce

The Mama Roo is the best product for a new parent given the versatility of how it helps to sooth a baby. The many features allow for various movements and the ability to plug in an MP3 player allows moms to choose to play music or one can choose the build in natural/soothing sounds.
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