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Holy Craft

Holy Craft is a creative blog written by a stay at home mom of three with tips and tricks on how to live well on less and provides inspiration for creating things that you love on a budget.

Rachel is a winner of Top 25 Creative Moms - 2013

Where do you discover new kid-friendly crafts?

Pinterest has become a moms best friend and worst enemy! There are so many great ideas that you can find on Pinterest for kid friendly crafts {amongst other things!}, either to use as inspiration for a craft or for things to try at home with your kids. Sometimes what you make doesn't always come out the way you pinned it, but the process of trying provides lots of learning experiences and wonderful memories for you and your kids.

What's one creative product you would recommend to all moms?

A low temp hot glue gun. Hot glue can hold so many things. If you use a low temp glue gun, with proper training, even your elementary age kids can use it well.

How do you encourage your child to explore their creativity?

I always have supplies on hand for crafting. If the kids see me making something, they are often times inspired to make something similar {and sometimes very different} as well. I keep scrap fabric for the kids to sew with, glue on and paint, I have drawers of paper scraps and lots of glue and paint. There are very few crafting materials and supplies that are off limits to them.