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About The Author: Dr. Robbins draws from her experience and knowledge as a clinical psychologist, as an allergen-free food manufacturer, and as the mother of a child with multiple food allergies, to raise awareness and understanding of food...

What's your go-to product or brand that gets around your child's food allergy?

What's one thing you'd like all moms to know about food allergies (either about your family's specific allergies or in general)?

What's one of your favorite recipes that's safe for your family's food allergies?

What advice would you give to a mom who just found out her child has a food allergy?

What's a great allergy-safe food to bring to a party?

Everyone loves cookies at a party. It will be no surprise that we always bring HomeFree cookies! I started HomeFree because of watching my son with food allergies watching everyone else eating treats, especially at parties. Now everyone including him enjoy the same healthy, delicious cookies together!

What's your go-to cooking shortcut?

I avoid washing a mixing bowl for wet baking ingredients by using a 2 cup glass measuring cup to measure AND as my bowl. I start with oil (so thick sweeteners don't stick) and proceed from there. For example, 1/3 cup oil and then 2/3 cup rice milk might make the 1st cup. Then I might add 1/4 c maple syrup to put it at 1 1/4 cup, add a teaspoon of vanilla, then mix right there and add to the dry ingredients.

What is an easy vegetable recipe that your kids love?


We sometimes bake with grated zucchini or grated carrot as an add-in to muffins or cornbread. You can try it with your own favorite recipe too, the key is: after grating, let the grated vegetable sit for a few minutes. Then squeeze out the liquid. I use the vegetable for the muffins or corn bread, and throw the liquid into soup, or add it and herbs into water for making rice. There are more recipe ideas like this one featured in my cookbook: Allergen-free Baking ( -Jill
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