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My blog includes a wide variety of things, from beauty and fashion to all things about my life and my children. I am a Wife and Mother of 3 boys... 2 of which are twin toddlers. My children are one of my biggest inspirations and I

Where do you find vlogging inspiration?

My children make me want to do my vlogs... it's because of them that I actually have something to vlog about. I'm usually always pulling out the camera because I'm on my way to do something with them or we are out playing. My children are my biggest inspirations... and while they are not with me 100% of the time, they inspire my thoughts and the things I do.

What tips would you give a mom who wants to start video blogging?

Just Do It! Don't hesitate and think about it... if you feel like you want to get started, pull out a camera and just do so. Many people practice filming or film the same thing over and over again. While that is not necessarily a bad thing, I think it makes it seem rehearsed or planned out. My Vlogs are the most weird, funny and completely goofball videos (and blog posts) and you can tell that it is my quirky side of me. I love watching those because they make me laugh. If you are shy... you will find out soon if you enjoy vlogging or if you still feel uncomfortable. But if it truly is something you want to do... then just DO IT!

How do you balance vlogging and motherhood?

Everything I do - I pretty much do with my children... they are with me 24 hours a day unless my husband is off and I have to run out for a quick second for something. I find that including them in what I do makes it not only fun for me... but makes it easy for to film or blog without issue. They are my World... so I include them in the fun.

What's your favorite food to make or eat on St. Patrick's Day? Do you have a tried and true Irish recipe? Please share a link to your recipe, with a photo.

Honey Kahoohanohano

I made corned beef with cabbage, potatoes, carrots and a little bit of mustard. I absolutely love it. I'll be posting some info and recipe on my blog soon. http://www.honeygirlsworld.com
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