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Hope Longing Life

In 2007, God blessed us with a baby girl, Lilly. In 2008, he called her home. He has blessed us with new life again, Mia and Tripp. I am a stay at home Mom and in those fleeting moments of free time, I love to dabble in the creatives!

What kind of art inspires you the most?

What's one of your favorite art projects you've done with your child? (Feel free to include a link to a picture.)

What do you do with all the art projects your child creates? (If you have a photo of the way you display art, please share a link.)

Help us create the ultimate Western-themed birthday party! Please share an idea for a game, recipe, party favor, decoration, etc. that's perfect for a Cowboy/Cowgirl party. Include a link to a photo if you have one!

Jenn Thomas

Stick Horses! We have everyone a custom made (and named) stick horse to take home from the party and a cowboy hat of course! They were a hit! Below is a link to the whole party.
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