The Hubby Diaries

A lighthearted humor blog about all those annoying, irritating.... I mean ENDEARING qualities that men bring to relationships. With a newborn the stories are even funnier and the need to ask "what is he thinking?" is even greater!

What's the funniest thing your child has ever done or said?

What always makes you laugh?

What's the funniest gift you've ever received?

What's the single most precious memento you have from your children's infancy that's not a photo? Please incude a link to a picture if you're willing to share!


The most precious memento(s) we have are not 1 but 3 hospital bracelets for our precious little guy. We had a really rough start as he was almost a month early and we wound up back in the hospital THREE times after his birth (all within the first 3 weeks of his life). These bracelets are a tender reminder of how lucky we are that he’s a happy healthy 6 month old now. They also remind me of how much our lives changed in an instant, and how sickly worried you can be about such a tiny, helpless, little baby….and more importantly, how strong he was and how much tenacity he had at such a young age…. We will forever be reminded of how persevering through challenges can really bring a family together.
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