The Hungry Goddess

The Hungry Goddess satisfies the ravenous soul in all of us & home of the #HGEATS twitter chat, The blog is full of recipes & things that make our mouths happy. Kimberly Moore is the Hungry Goddess Herself and Mom to a constantly eatin 15 year old.

What's the one food you could never live without?

What's a treat your kids love that's actually healthy?

What's your best tip for feeding a picky eater?

It's almost time to break out the grill! What's your family's best recipe for grilled meat, seafood or veggies? Please share a link to your recipe and image if you have one.

Kimberly Moore

There really isn't anything that I don't love on the grill from meat to veggies but one of my favorite recipes from the grill last summer was GRILLED PEACHES ... they came out beautiful and then were adorned with honey, spices and mascarpone cheese. This will be a hit for the whole family!
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