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IHeart Organizing

IHeart Organizing is a happy place where you can find all sorts of tips on home, family and lifestyle organization! People are happier when they love their spaces which is why I strive to do that through decor and organizing one project at a time!

Jennifer is a winner of Top 25 Home Management Moms - 2013

What's your best tip for keeping your home organized during the busy holiday season?

What's your favorite store bought or homemade cleaning product?

What's the most important home management skill a mom can teach her child?

What's a great cleaning product you've discovered?


I love the gritty Method le scrub cleaner paired with a grout brush. Together they can handle even the dirtiest jobs and grout lines. That and microfiber sponges. I can't imagine my life before them and I love how versatile they are and that they can be tossed in the wash to be used over and over again.
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