I'm A Mommy


I started my channel as a way to help,inspire, and uplift other mothers. I wanted to reach out to moms who were like me and trying to figure out their new identity. I love anything mommy, baby, and toddler related. Sharing tricks and tips is my...

Michelle is a winner of Top 25 Mom Vlogs - 2013

Where do you find vlogging inspiration?

I find vlogging inspiration from my every day life. If I find a great product, good deal, or household tip I get so excited to share it with others. I usually also think about questions or struggles that I have personally had as a mother and and then use those as inspiration for videos. I love to be personal, honest, and open in my vlogs so other mothers out there know that they are not alone.

What tips would you give a mom who wants to start video blogging?

Some tips I would share with moms out there wanting to start vlogging would be: 1. Be yourself. People love watching genuine, REAL women out there. 2. Make videos that YOU would also want to watch. Most moms don't have time to watch lengthy vlogs so the shorter the better! 3. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. When I first started making videos I was afraid of what people would say. I eventually learned that it didn't matter what other people thought and that my videos were helping mothers out there and that is all that mattered.

How do you balance vlogging and motherhood?

My family always comes first. The wonderful thing about vlogging is that it's very flexible and I can do it when I have time. I usually upload 1-2 videos a week and I spend the rest of the time living my normal life and brainstorming ideas for my next videos. I love how motherhood and vlogging go hand in hand because being a mother is all that I vlog about!