I Take Joy


Inspiring mothers to live fully for God, to embrace the call to love and intentionally disciple their children and to celebrate life in the joy of God's presence every day.

Sally is a winner of Top 25 Faith Blogs by Moms

What Inspired Me to Start Blogging

After working in ministry with women all over the world, I realized that many women struggled with the distance between their ideals and desire for a romantic life and the realities of daily life and disappointments. I wanted to write a blog that would give grace, love, affirmation and encouragement, and joy to the lives of women. I also wanted to help women understand that their home and life as a mom can help define the souls of the next generation and to inspire them and to inspire them in this task. I have also written 6 books on parenting and motherhood and wanted a place where I could answer mail and comments I receive that I am not able to answer personally.

How Faith Inspires How I Raise My Children

My understanding of God's design, that it was a birthplace of moral excellence, spiritual vitality and a strong character, gave purpose and meaning to my own life, as a mom of four children. I began to understand that God created the home to be the strategic place, in raising strong, moral, emotionally healthy children, but that a mother had to be intentional in her relationship to her children to build these significant attributes within her home. As I grew in understanding this Biblical foundation, I wanted to help other moms know how to make a plan for their own family, home and children as a place to build the future generation, their own children, into healthy adults.