A Beautiful Ruckus


A candid look at raising quadruplets, the joys of major milestones, the hard moments of being a mother, and the effects of instant parenthood on our marriage. Life is an adventure!!

Rebecca is a winner of Top 25 Moms of Multiples - 2013

Between getting kids dressed, fed and out the door on time mornings can be hectic! What tips do you have for making morning routines easier?

When we have to get out the door quickly in the morning, I start moving that direction the night before. We take two diaper bags, one for the girls and one for the boys, when we leave the house. We make sure they are stocked with plenty of diapers, wipes, toys, snacks, an extra set of clothes, and anything else we might need. We also set out outfits for the next day as well. I like to coordinate their clothes without matching them, so it's easier to do that when we aren't rushing around.

We've also found that if we can keep the breakfast prep and mess to a minimum, we are ready to face the day a little more quickly. We routinely have cereal and bananas, or nutrigrain bars for breakfast. Those are pretty easy to clean up and don't make clothes messy.

People often say twins and other multiples have an extra special bond. Has there ever been a time when you noticed an especially unique connection?

Since our quadruplets have always been together, their bond is most noticeable when they aren't together. There have been a few times when only one or two have had a doctor's visit, or two were sick and couldn't go play at Grandma and Grandpa's house. They don't understand why they are sometimes split up yet, and they all seem to mellow out and just wait for the group to get back together again. It's really very precious!

They also care about each other so much. If one child gets hurt, the others look after him/her. I hope that caring and connection continue into adulthood.

What are your tips for celebrating joint birthday parties?

I think it's important to remember that each child in a set of multiples is their own person and has their own personality. But realistically, I don't want to throw four birthday parties in the same week!

So far, we've been able to keep the same theme for their birthday parties, but we do try to individualize it a bit. Each child get's their own cake or set of cupcakes in their color. They also each get a personalized t-shirt. As they get older, we are prepared to sing "Happy Birthday" four times and have one birthday party with four different themes if that is what they want.

I'm also hoping to introduce "birthday month" at home as they get older. I'd like to have a little family birthday party with just us once a week during their birthday month where the birthday kid of honor gets to pick what we eat for dinner and how we celebrate the evening. Just a little something extra for them to look forward to: a night all about them!

You know you're a mom when... (please fill in the blank!) and link to a picture if it's relevant.

Rebecca Ishum

You know you are a mom if one kid is pulling all of the laundry out of the laundry basket, another is pulling things off of a shelf, a third is running around in circles, and a fourth is dancing around completely naked....but you stop and take pictures of the chaos before cleaning everything up.
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What's your go-to meal for a romantic dinner at home, after the kids are asleep?

Rebecca Ishum

Take-out! :-) No cooking, no mess to clean-up, and no baby-sitter required!
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Please share a link to a photo of a great birthday cake you made or bought.

Rebecca Ishum

I made this two tier cake for my quadruplets' first birthday! Each of them have a designated color that we use to keep track of their belongings, so I tried to include each of those colors in the design. It took a couple of days to make it in between changing diapers and feeding babies! Link to post:http://www.theishumquads.com/2012/03/all-fun-of-first-birthday.html Link to photo:http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-8gNRbCwe0xY/T1f0RBlNe7I/AAAAAAAAAGQ/NIgkYz-m3xw/s1600/006.JPG
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What unhealthy eating habits or cravings have you developed since becoming a mom? Please include a picture if it's relevant.

Rebecca Ishum

Oreos! Goodness, I can eat a whole row without even realizing it. I can't buy them anymore because I don't have any self-control when they are in front of me.
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If you were giving a commencement speech, what's one piece of advice you'd give to young women who want to include motherhood in their futures?

Rebecca Ishum

Be prepared to be unprepared! Motherhood is an intense ride and everything you expect to be and do as a mother may change after you have kids. Give yourself grace to grow into your role and don't expect to be the perfect mother the minute you give birth or adopt. Love your kids more than life itself, and you will be a wonderful mother!
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