On the downhill run to 50,married for over half my life,I have 3 kids,one of them a transgender girl,all now grown and with the youngest joining the army,an emptynester.I was a nurse in my younger days but RA means I facebook, blog and annoy my kids.

When you need a good laugh, where (besides your own blog) do you turn?

What's your child's weirdest habit?

What's the most bizarre parenting product or children's toy you've seen or heard of?

What's the best family vacation destination in Australia?

Bernadette Callinan

Hervey Bay is the best family vacation spot i found when my kids were small. The beaches are safe with calm water, but if dad wants to surf there is easy access to surf beaches close by or over on Fraser Island. There is plenty to see and do,and a great base for seeing things further afoot. It has great shopping,lost of restraunts meeting all tastes and budgets and some definite touristy things. It's busy for a small town but not so full of tourists that you can't move on the beach or park your car.I do suggest going in spring or autumn as in summer the heat can be very intense if your children are not used to it.
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What's an affordable and fun family activity?

Bernadette Callinan

When my children were small, we didn't have a lot of dollars. An activity we all loved as a family was to grab some sausages ,sauce and a loaf of bread and head to the local park.When we lived near the beach it was even better.Sometimes we bought chips and gravy. We've been lucky, where we've lived there's always been a decent park/playgorund with catering to various ages. We've been to parks big enough they could take their bikes or rollerblades and the little one played on the swings while the bigger ones rode.We have done this in all weathers and the kids would get up on a Sunday and ask could we go for a drive today. When all 3 of my children wanted to do a sport at once, I chose bowling. It was an affordable team sport, they were in different teams but on the same day and they had a lot of fun. When I had 3 kids under 4, and it was awful weather for playing, but we wanted to get out of the house, but had no dollars, I would take them to the library. sometimes there would be a story teller, most times not, but they enjoyed choosing their own books and spending time in the kids reading corner.
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