The "Jack" Pot

I am the proud mother of a life-loving little boy named Jack, who was born May 28, 2011. We knew that life would change after our first child, but nothing could have prepared us for just how much more wonderful life could be ... with Down Syndrome.

Korey Christian is a winner of Top 25 Most Inspiring Families

What inspired you to start blogging?

On May 28, 2010, our world was turned upside down when our baby boy Jack was born and we learned that he had Down Syndrome. What was the most wonderful day of our lives quickly also became the most frightening, as our future changed at that very moment. What we didn't know that day, and what we know now, is how absolutely blessed we are to have such an amazing and loving child. Having filtered through a myriad of emotions in response to Jack's diagnosis, I have come to realize that while life is definitely going to be different because we have a child with special needs, it's also going to be (and is) more wonderful than we could have ever imagined. I blog because I want other mothers out there like me to know this. I want mothers who may have just had a child born with special needs to know that it's all going to be okay and that they have been blessed with a special gift that will change their lives ... for the better. I blog because I love Jack so incredibly much and he gives so much love back to us and to everyone who meets him. He's just too great not to share!

What are three distinctive features of your blog?

1. It's honest.
2. It's inspiring.
3. It's straight from the heart.

How has blogging changed your journey as a family?

Having the opportunity to share our family life with so many followers out there and getting such positive feedback and support from those followers has empowered me to better face our challenges as a parent to a child with special needs. Knowing that Jack has so many loving "fans" out there instills confidence in me in my mission to change the face of Down Syndrome and gives me hope that Jack will be accepted by our society despite his extra chromosome. And with that sense of confidence and hope comes a happier, more honest, more loving, and closer family unit. All any parent could ask for is for their child to be loved and accepted. Partly due to my blogging (but mostly because he's just awesome), Jack has more friends at 11 months than any child could ever ask for, and if the support he has now is any testament to his future, we're going to have one popular guy on our hands!