Jazzy Allergy Recipes


Simple and delicious egg free, dairy free and nut free recipes that everyone will love. My oldest daughter, Jazzy, has life-threatening food allergies. This blog was started so that we can share our yummy recipes with everyone.

What's your best advice for a mom struggling with cooking for children with food allergies?

Your child can eat almost anything they want to, you just need to get creative and find new ways of preparing those foods. I made a promise to Jazlyn that I would do my very best to make her anything she's ever wanted. So far I've been able to keep that promise. I've made her funnel cakes, corn dogs, mock York Peppermint Patties, mock Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, etc.

What's your favorite allergy friendly product?

Enjoy Life Foods Chocolate Chips and Sunbutter

What's the biggest challenge raising a child with food allergies?

Bringing food with us when we go away or she spends time away from home. It's not really a challenge, it just takes some preparation and planning.