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Jenni From the Blog

This blog was started as a means of documenting my first pregnancy. Now? Now with two kids, I use it to remember what the hell I did yesterday. {I'm serious... I have no idea.}

Jenni is a winner of Top 25 Baby Journals

Three Distinctive Features of My Blog

1. It's fun — I always try to take the humorous approach to motherhood.
2. It's inspiring — I'm a full-time working mom of two who is also trying to lose the baby weight (23lbs lost since March 2nd!) and run a handmade shop all while being married to the love of my life. I hope I inspire someone!
3. It's creative — I host a weekly "Your Three Words" blog hop, share a ton of pictures of our home renovation projects (we have a "fixer-upper"), design birthday cards and other paper products for my Etsy shop, and pour my heart out about my beautiful babies, my wonderful family, and my goals and inspirations.