Journey to Beloved

One woman and mother's journey to discovering God's breathtaking love for her and her family.

Julie is a winner of Top 25 Faith Blogs by Moms

What Inspired Me to Start Blogging

The inspiration to start blogging came out of a time of great brokenness and pain. I was entrenched deeply in legalism, chained to religion without a living breathing relationship of love with my Savior, Jesus Christ. In one of my many hikes into the woods, with a tear-streaked face I begged God to show Himself real to me. He did. He reminded me who I was to Him — I was His beloved, cherished, fought for and deeply loved child. The still small voice of the Holy Spirit gently asked me to lift my head as He gently healed my wounds and share my journey in all its realness to those who hurt and need to hear of God's redeeming, unconditional love and radical grace.

How Faith Inspires How I Raise My Children

When I discover the depth of love my Heavenly Father has for me as His child, I am left in complete wonder and adoration for Him. He (Our Heavenly Father) is our example of how I desire to rear my children. When I fail, yet He loves me. When I wander away from Him, yet He loves me. When I question Him, yet He loves me. His love is not conditional but faithful, unwavering...His love never fails. My desire is to love my children like my heavenly Father loves me.