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Just Because I Said 'I do'

Our blog is about our little adventures, crafts, DIY projects, fashion and whatever we can conjure up in our little minds.

How did your style change (if at all) after becoming a mom?

What's your favorite stylish and practical item?

What's a quick thing moms can do to take their style up a notch?

What are your top 3 flicks for a family night (please indicate the minimum age for each movie)?

Shelby Osmond

Since our little one is barely making the stage of realizing he can see a t.v. and after we've let him watch his favorite Sesame street. Me and my mister love to sit down and watch some oldie films (since I'm such a softie for these). Our favorites are: Singing in the Rain Sound of Music And you can not end a night without humor with "The Three Stooges" Appropriate for all ages...
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