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Just Fine, Baby ...

My life with three kids, ADD, and the things that interest me. I love my kids, my life, my shoes, and I have discovered that, despite my messy house, I am quite delightful.

The Most Rewarding Part About Being a Single Parent

A Piece of Advice for Other Single Parents

What special skills do single moms have that new moms would benefit from knowing?

Catherine MacDonald

As a new mom, I was very reluctant to accept help from anyone (except my own mom), as I really did not trust anyone with my precious little baby. As a single mom (with a great relationship with my kids' dad), I need not only to accept assistance, but also to ask for it from time to time. Even something as simple as running to the store for milk can be complicated when you have three kids between 2 and 8. My circle of support includes my parents and siblings (my sister to whom I am very close lives 12 hours away), my parents, my in-laws (with whom I remain very close), my neighbors and friends. Sometimes I need someone to meet the older two off the bus or to put away the winter clothes; sometimes it's just enough knowing that these people care about me and my kids (and also their dad).
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