Keeping Her Cool

Parenting through the loss of a daughter to SIDS and another to Trisomy 18, Colleen blogs about life with a four year old, and one year old Twins. She's hilarious and heart wrenching sometimes simultaneously. But funny wins at Keeping Her Cool!

Colleen is a winner of Top 25 Most Inspiring Families

What inspired you to start blogging?

When I started blogging, I had suffered the loss of my first daughter to SIDS and a miscarriage, I had celebrated the birth of my son, and then suffered another loss of yet another daughter at 20 weeks gestation due to a chromosomal abnormality (Trisomy 18). I realized that I was consumed with my parenting journey, and wanted to get back to myself. I started challenging myself to stretch outside of my comfort zone once a week. Then I was really stretched (literally and figuratively) when I experienced the pregnancy of healthy and beautiful twins. The blog morphed into an exploration of the experience of parenting coupled with the effort to still be the cool chick I (thought I) once was in pre-parent days.

What are three distinctive features of your blog?

1. Honest, heartfelt stories about parenting through loss
2. Funny observations on life and this world from my perspective
3. A very firm rule that my blog will not be a judgmental conversation about parenting methods, but rather my perspective on the experience of parenting.

How has blogging changed your journey as a family?

I wouldn't necessarily say that blogging has changed our family journey, but rather that it has given us a way to talk about our journey. An outlet for the big thoughts and feelings and a place to process my often twisted outlook on life.